The ever increasing incidents in traffic, accident cases, security concerns has created quite a stir lately. But until the preventive measures fall in place, why step back from saving yourself from external threats, false accusations and unnecessary hassles to prove yourself when there are dash cameras specifically designed to do just that?

What may be seem like just a video camera on the dashboard is actually very similar to the black box on aircrafts, just that this is at a much smaller scale. Since dash cameras are called car blackboxes, they do the job of not only recording your drives in 1080P HD but they also:

  1. Record clear audio

  2. Have motion sensing capabilities so they record when you are moving if you wish to choose that

  3. Record exact location coordinates, capable of being tracked (only on GPS enabled models)

  4. Record precise GPS speed (only on GPS enabled models)

  5. Monitor driver consciousness and awareness 

  6. Store sensitive data like accident or ‘event’ footage in a separate, secret location on the SD card

  7. Overwrite unwanted footage (except the accident/event footage

  8. Many other functions that make the person using the dash camera feel a lot more secure.

Hearing from our clients, not only has this been a great piece of evidence in legal matters for individuals and organisations but it has also led to reduction in accident rates, typically in vehicles driven by hired drivers as they tend to drive more responsibly, knowing that they are being watched all the time. 

Being in this field for a little more than half a decade, we have formed relations with organisations from different sectors- some of which are listed below.