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Report bad drivers 100% anonymously and for free in the safety and comfort of your home or office. Take photos, upload the pictures, name and shame them. You are not only getting rid of your stress due to others negligence or arrogance, but making sure they are punished by the right authority.

So what do YOU do if someone does something reckless or just plain stupid to you? Do nothing. Let it go! As difficult as it seems, just smile & relax…and know that you can get your own back. Report them online at “PUBLIC EYE”. A very convenient and well thought out service provided by our very own Bangalore Traffic Police. The Traffic Police has been gearing to meet various challenges. On one hand efforts are on to increase the man power, acquire new equipment and vehicles. While on the other hand upgrading the skills of existing manpower through various refresher and behavior sensitization courses as their top priority. But please, do not try and take photos or videos on your cellphone while you’re driving…. that’s why you have a dashcam!


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