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  • Clean Dry Surfaces Work Best

Make sure both the inside of the suction cup and your windshield are clean and dry. To clean both surfaces, I like to use rubbing alcohol since it tends to dry quickly, although glass cleaners will work well too. Particularly if your mount has recently fallen you might see a “ring around the mount” on your windshield. So make sure both surfaces are clean and dry.

  • Temperature Can Have an Impact Too

The more similar the temperatures are between the mount and windshield, and the closer those temperatures are to “room” temperature, the better results you will have.

  • A Little Moisture Can Help Keep the Seal

A tiny bit of water (not drenched) on the suction cup can help it keep the seal. Spread the drops of water around with your finger.  A tiny bit of Petroleum Jelly (aka Vaseline) can work really well too. The key is to not get too much moisture… just barely enough to coat the surface.

  • Apply Firm Pressure and Hold

Find your target on the windshield, press it on, and apply firm pressure to the center of the mount. What you are doing, and want to do, is to push all of the trapped air between the mount and the windshield out from behind the mount.  Try not to let the mount slide (if it slides easily you might have used too much moisture) and keep firm pressure for about fifteen seconds.

  • Mount Camera with gave glue strips

Make a point to line up mount uniformly, so the feature seems level, and verify that cam perspective is clear of hindrances.

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