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How about a black box for the car?

Camera Lover/ July 9, 2018/ Public Safety/ 0 comments

What was once considered space age technology is now being used today on vehicles, kitchen appliances, cell phones and what not. The same happened with cars and other vehicles that derived a lot of the technology from airplanes like drive by wire technology, electronic aids and other aerodynamic features that were once a ‘secret’. Likewise, another item present on all aircrafts called the ‘blackbox data recorder’- responsible for recording all communication and flight data that gave air crash investigators clues about air crashes, slowly evolved and found its place in cars and other 4 wheeled vehicles. Not the typical black box recorder that is untouchable and records communication only but another kind that not only records audio data but visual as well. You could call it the secret eye of the car in a way.  Also known as Dash cameras, these devices record every second of your journey until you’ve parked and switched off your vehicle. Still want it to record while your vehicle is switched off? It can do that too! Dash Cameras are known to record all driving footage in 1080P HD quality with a 140 degree wide angle view to ensure no detail is ignored. The footage is stored in micro SD memory cards but If you’re worried about backing up all the recorded footage, well then you actually don’t have to unless you require some part of the clips. The user can copy the clip he/she needs and the rest will be simply over written once the SD card inside the Dash camera is full.  Not only does a Dash Camera overwrite data so you don’t have to worry about managing unnecessary videos but it also senses motion. As a result, the user has the option of recording the video only when the vehicle is moving and the sensitivity of the

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